Android Tamer : Version 4

Anant Shrivastava
3 min readJun 19, 2016


We are glad to announce the official release of AndroidTamer 4

Whats new : TLDR: Everything


  • Debian 8 Base
  • Own repository of tools (
  • Signed packages and repository
  • additional Wrappers around useful tools to make life easier
  • everything in path

Following are the details

Download Links (5.1 GB OVA File):
1) Google Drive: (this link might go down if downloaded more then 500 times a day)
2) Sourceforge:

Compatibility: VirtualBox is preferred but the OVA can also be imported in VMWare Player / Workstation / Fusion

5 GB, 5 FREAKING GB MAN, I don’t want to download that

If you don’t want to download this whole bloated software package but want to get the software’s inside it. We have a debian 8 compatible repository at Follow instructions here to configure your system to receive android tamer tools.

However not everything will be same as AndroidTamer VM. For Example, We don’t yet have packages to automated sdk, ndk and studio installation and addition to path. At this point this part is handled by a Vagrant Script we are working on putting this out as a package which will enable seamless working. However for now you can just install SDK/NDK/Studio manually and add them to path.

Repositories Compatibility: We have tested the repository on Debian 8 however it should ideally also work on Kali Linux and Ubuntu 14.04 or 16.04. However we have not tested kali or ubuntu. In next few days we will try to do that and update the status here.

checksum are as listed below.

MD5 (AndroidTamer4.ova) = 98ced8bfc3c8d46a0600b377569dc722
SHA1 (AndroidTamer4.ova) = 3c3b6b053135456938d749d8536da4dbf1ba1a16
SHA256 (AndroidTamer4.ova) = e4f823baee3565b0871ec0865d1da0aad1f058665b7a212a326d85110a817164

Show me the view

Grub Boot Screen
Android Tamer Desktop
MobSF for Dynamic Analysis Integrated
Various Pentesting Tools
Rom Development and Device Flashing Tools
Package Manager