Android Device Security Patch Tracker

Anant Shrivastava
1 min readFeb 6, 2017


TL;DR: please provide us with your Android device name, model, android version, and security patch level.


As part of AndroidTamer project we are trying to track the status of android security updates on various devices currently in market.
We have created a table where you can see the current status of android device security updates as well as Android version officially supported.
Page can be accessed at

Why this tracker?

A large number of us use Android Phones. Google the force behind android has provided a method to track current updates to us. However manufacturers don’t keep the devices updates and forget about the device as soon as they are launched. Here we are trying to build a repository of current status of various devices so that people can see which devices or manufacturer’s are actually serious about user security.

What can you to do help us?

As the android market is way too big for single person to track the whole landscape hence this post is a call for contribution.

All we are asking is to provide us with following information
1) Device Name
2) Device Model number (optional)
3) Current Android Version
4) Current Security patch level
5) Screenshot of about phone settings page (optional)

Where should i send the data?

1) Send an email:
2) Submit a pull request:
3) Make a comment to :
4) Create an issue: repository

More details on the blog post